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OFL offers design services for office furniture. A member of our talented design staff will come to your office or work space to take measurements and give expert advice on our products to make sure all of your furniture and flooring needs are met. The design fee is dependent upon the size, scale, and location of the job. Call today to schedule your design consultation!

Delivery and Installation

Our Rapid Response team is always available to deliver and install the pieces you purchase from OFL. Team members have undergone hours of training to ensure every installation is professional and efficient. Delivery fee is dependent upon the size and scope of the order, as well as the installation location.


Whether you’re ready to upgrade or just downsizing, OFL offers a consignment program for all office furniture. Consignors sign an initial sixty day term. At the end of the sixty days, there is an option to sign for an additional thirty day term. If at the end of the thirty days, your furniture has not been sold, you will have one week to remove it from our store. Consignors are notified two weeks before the end of their term if they still have products on our showroom floor. All consignment sales are split 50%/50% between OFL and the consignor.

Furniture Leasing

There are a variety of reasons you may need to lease office furniture. OFL can help with that! Short term or long term lease agreements can be made on any of our products. Fees include delivery and installation at the beginning of the term and disassembly pickup at it’s termination. We strive to make the process as quick and painless as possible for our customers. At the end of the lease term there may be an option to pay the furniture off for purchase. Contact us for more details.